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Protecting your personnel, your products, your business

Vitalair Downflow Booths deliver high levels of personnel protection from harmful, sensitizing or toxic dusts generated during powder handling and processing activities. They can also prevent cross contamination of your product from other processes and materials.

Vitalair booths maintain the high standard required for the pharmaceutical, healthcare, biotech, chemical and food markets. We can ensure that you select the right Vitalair Downflow Booth for the job:

  • Most cost effective solution
  • Protects both personnel and products
  • Delivers operating efficiencies and productivity
  • Energy efficient
  • Excellent ROI

Selecting the right Downflow Booth


What is a Downflow Booth?


Downflow booths provide clean air working zones for operators. A downflow of filtered air pushes hazardous particles and fumes away from the operator’s breathing area and through HEPA filters that strip out airborne contaminants to leave clean, contaminant free air.

Vitalair Downflow Booths provide:

  • H&S and COSHH Operator Exposure Level compliance.
  • OEL < 100µg/m³TWA
  • Class ISO 8 with clean air quality
  • Energy efficient design
  • Affordable modular concept 2m-6m wide
  • Short lead times
  • Quality, long-lasting engineering